Fairer Scotland Event


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Fairer Scotland event was organised on 18th September 2015 with the support of Voluntary Action Fund.

There were a variety of participants across all sector of minority Nepalese community. A total number of 33 participants (Male-20 and Female-13) attended in the programme. There were participants from nursing sector (3), students (7), teacher (2), ex-grukha army (1), oil industry (1), retired (4) and others were from Health and Social care and other professional services

Following advices were submitted to the Government.

What are the issues that matter most to you?

Ø  Issues with GPs, Doctors, Dentists

·      Communication barrier with GPs and doctors.

·      Cannot be able to explain GPs and doctors properly.

·      Dental facilities is expensive, inconvenient and not easily accessible  

Ø  Discrimination

·     Discrimination in workplace because of origin of country and color.

·     Discrimination for getting new job because of origin of country and ethnicity

·     Immigration issues for parents and relatives living abroad  

Ø  Issues of university student

·      Lack of text book for students

·      There are fewer textbooks available in the library. University students do not have enough funds to maintain themselves. Textbooks cost more money for students.

·      Removal of post study work visa makes difficulties for international student to find professional job

·      High difference in tuition fees between home and international students- discrimination on tuition fees

Ø  Issues of Children

·      Not easy access to physical activities such as swimming, football etc, and also the cost is not affordable.

·      Limited access to children playing parks in some locations of Aberdeen

·      Limited information regarding benefit and housing

·      Bus travel for under 16 are expensive in Scotland where as there is a free provision in England

·      Cultural issues in children – Children feel lost in between own culture and British culture.

·      Child benefits should be universal regardless of their residential status.

Ø  Cultural issues

·      Difficult to integrate in new culture

·      People find hesitation to celebrate their cultural festivities  

Ø  Lack of knowledge about facilities

·      Nepalese community living in Scotland has lack of knowledge regarding facilities available to general public

What do you think needs to be done?

Ø  There is a need of   good Nepalese translator facilities in GP and doctor service.

Ø  University should increase the level of high demand textbooks in the libraries.

Ø  Local council needs to have local partnership group to disseminate more information about facilities available to ethnic minority community. It would be very effective to include all communities in decision-making process.

Ø  Scottish government needs to provide more facilities for children development, providing free bus pass and other leisure facilities.

Ø  There should be representation from ethnic minorities communities in decision making process even in government level.

Ø  There should be close scrutiny on equal pay (specially in private sector).

Ø  More focus for better public transport

Ø  Subsidies for ecofriendly transport

Ø  Physical activities should be free for children/student/older people

Ø  Visa privilege for relatives, parents who live abroad.