Carbon Footprint Reduction in Nepalese Community


The Climate Challenge Fund has provided grant to run Carbon reduction activities in the Nepalese community Aberdeen from January 2014 for one year. The activities of this project include a)Awareness raising activities to bring bring a positive behavioural change in relation to energy use, travel, food and waste disposal for reducing carbon footprint at the household level, b)Reduce CO2e by 236 tonnes by bringing about positive behavioural changes to save household energy bills by the target households, c) Adopting cycling as a means of replacing journeys made using a more carbon intensive form of transport and d) Increased community green spaces by establishing home gardens.

Major Activities of the projects were as below:-

Carbon Reduction Awareness Workshop

First Carbon awareness workshop was conducted on 22nd Mar 2014 at Bestwestern Summerhill Hotel, Aberdeen. For the workshop, members from each household were asked to participate as a representative of their respective houses. A total of 49 participants attended the workshop including the organising committee and the guest speakers. The workshop lasted two and half hours. A series of talks were delivered which included general issues of climate change (Mr. Santosh Gaihre), issues addressing food wastage minimisation (Mrs. Karen Wood and Gillian Marr, Aberdeen Forward Ltd) and project action plan (Mr. Dinesh Thapa, the project manager) followed by active participation of the participants to address the CO2 emission from household level conducted by Dr. Sohan Ghimire, James Hutton Institute. Breakout sessions and rigorous discussion on the five key themes of the project were conducted.

The workshop was completed with good feedback and appreciation from the participants. We found that their understanding on the issues of climate change has been widened and everybody was eager to act against climate change in whatever way they could. 1926669_586252224803897_459647537_n 10154144_586252811470505_381545017_n 1969340_586251934803926_848226198_n

Cycle Club:

ONCW has purchased 15 bicycles and distributed to Nepalese community in Aberdeen. Establishment of cycle club has encouraged many participants to ride bicycle in the first instance, however, due to weather conditions and roads, some of them are not yet confident in commuting to regular work distance. With several other group activities and more practice, we are hoping to encourage them for maximising their use of cycle.

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 Home gardening :

We have provided walk-in greenhouse at 11 households with the help of volunteers. Composts and pots were provided in a sufficient amount to enable them to germinate the seeds in greenhouse and soil to prepare the land. A collection of seeds which include, spring onion, varieties of salad, chillies, varieties of tomatoes, runner beans, carrot, beetroot, spinach, radish etc. have been given to the households and were encouraged to add up their effort and other inputs of their choice to develop the vegetable garden. Advice was provided to the households who have no or little experience in vegetable gardening by an agricultural specialist of Nepalese community living in Aberdeen.

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Appeal to Donate HIV/AIDS Project

HIV/AIDS is spreading very quickly in Nepal and becoming a serious problem. The main reasons behind that are the lower level of education, awareness and conservative culture. After the first case of HIV/AIDS in 1988, the nature of the HIV epidemic has gradually moved from being a ‘low prevalence’ to ‘concentrated epidemic’. A concentrated epidemic means a stage in which some groups have an HIV prevalence rate equal to or above five percent. These groups in Nepal include injecting drug users, sex workers and migrant workers who travel between Nepal and India.

The national estimates of HIV infection suggest that the actual number of HIV/AIDS cases in Nepal is 40,723, which is higher than the reported number (25,222). However, some of the stakeholders (NGOs/CBOs) working in the field of HIV/AIDS claim that the numbers of infected people are more than 100,000, as most of them either don’t know their HIV status or scare to reveal their status to others because of possible discrimination.

Despite considerable efforts from donors, NGOs/INGOs and governments; people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) are still suffering (socio-economically) and enjoying lower level of life style than general public. To tackle these problems, we are planning to implement a project which can improve living standard and wellbeing of PLHA in Nepal. We have already discussed with some members of the community in the UK for getting support. Now, we would like to appeal all the interested member of the community for the financial support for this reason. Thank you very much for your support in advance.

For further information or enquiries, please contact us at or call Prakash at 07966350176.

Urgent Appeal for Earthquake Crisis in Nepal

We are very sad to hear and see the disaster news of Nepal.Therefore,we would like to support Earthquake victims in Nepal by collecting some funds.Time is really important factor,thats’s why  we kindly urge you all to  support by donating money for those humanitarian cause as soon as possible.

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