Appeal to Donate HIV/AIDS Project

HIV/AIDS is spreading very quickly in Nepal and becoming a serious problem. The main reasons behind that are the lower level of education, awareness and conservative culture. After the first case of HIV/AIDS in 1988, the nature of the HIV epidemic has gradually moved from being a ‘low prevalence’ to ‘concentrated epidemic’. A concentrated epidemic means a stage in which some groups have an HIV prevalence rate equal to or above five percent. These groups in Nepal include injecting drug users, sex workers and migrant workers who travel between Nepal and India.

The national estimates of HIV infection suggest that the actual number of HIV/AIDS cases in Nepal is 40,723, which is higher than the reported number (25,222). However, some of the stakeholders (NGOs/CBOs) working in the field of HIV/AIDS claim that the numbers of infected people are more than 100,000, as most of them either don’t know their HIV status or scare to reveal their status to others because of possible discrimination.

Despite considerable efforts from donors, NGOs/INGOs and governments; people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) are still suffering (socio-economically) and enjoying lower level of life style than general public. To tackle these problems, we are planning to implement a project which can improve living standard and wellbeing of PLHA in Nepal. We have already discussed with some members of the community in the UK for getting support. Now, we would like to appeal all the interested member of the community for the financial support for this reason. Thank you very much for your support in advance.

For further information or enquiries, please contact us at or call Prakash at 07966350176.