2011 Activities

Participation in International Festival 2011

The participation of Organisation for Nepalese Culture and Welfare (ONCW) has been highly praised by the organiser and audience in International Fun Festival in Aberdeen. ONCW presented traditional Tihar Song and Flute, Madal and Khaijadi performance on 29th May 2011 at Duthie Park, Aberdeen. The programme was organised by Lions Club International Aberdeen.

Traditional tihar dance was performed by Jasmine Regmi, Monika Sapkota, Dipshika Upreti and Anushaya Bohara. Likewise, flute performance of Nepalese folk song “Resham Firiri” was performed by Hari Kandel with Ganesh Ghale in Madal and Amrit Bohara in Khaijadi.

The performances of Nepalese community were highly applauded by Scottish as well as International Community. First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, Lord Provost of Aberdeen Peter J. Stephen has sent messages for the success of the programme. The president of Lions Club International Aberdeen said that he was very impressed from the Nepalese cultural performance. Santosh Ghaire, programme coordinator stated that the organisation is very excited from the comments and it will further participated in other international programmes to promote Nepalese culture.

Sangeet Yatra 2011

Organisation for Nepalese Culture and Welfare has organised musical programme ” Sangeet Yatra 2011” in three cities of Scotland to support the family of Late singer Kumar Kanchha. The programmes was organised in Aberdeen on 22nd J, in Edinburgh on 23rd and in Glasgow on 24th January, 2011. The fund raised from the programmes was handed over to the family of Late Kumar Kancha by Nepalese superstar actor Rajesh Hamal. Mr. Hamal handed over NRs 100,001 to the family of late Kancha.

Popular Nepalese singers Bivek Shrestha (Kandara Band) and Sharmila Bardewa were the main attractions of the programme. Likewise, local singers and dancers performed in all three cities. This programme was its first type in the Nepalese community Scotland and was highly raised by Nepalese community.

The programmes was organised in association with Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland in Aberdeen, Nepal Scotland Association Edinburgh and Glasgow Nepalese Association Glasgow.

Musical Programme with Prashant Tamang

Indian Idol Prashant Tamang performed two musical programmes organised by Organisation for Nepalese Culture and Welfare (ONCW). The musical programme “Melody 2011″ was organised in Aberdeen on 27th August 2011 and on 29th August in Glasgow. Mr. Tamang performed ” Asare Mainama” , “Rato rani” , “Hiun bhanda chiso” , “Bir Gorkhali” and other popular Nepalese and various popular Nepalese and Bollywood songs. In both cities, various local artists have also shown performance.There was also a DJ session by popular Nepalese DJ Pinasa. The programme was highly hailed by Nepalese and Indian Community living in Scotland. Programme Coordinator Mr. Nischal Karki said that it was the first time of such a big participation of Nepalese community in any cultural programmes. Mr. Mohan Karki, president of Glasgow Nepalese Association stated that there is big crowd of fan of Prashant Tamang in Scotland and the fans were very happy to have such a good programme in Scotland.

Programme with Prashant tamang Prasant tamang

Himalayan Film Festival in Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland . First Scotland Himalayan Film Festival has been kicked off at Glasgow on 1st August 2011. The film festival is organised by Organisation for Nepalese Culture and Welfare (ONCW) and will be held on more two cities of Scotland, at Edinburgh and at Aberdeen later this year. The program aims to promote social, cultural aspects and tourism of Nepal.

Five Nepalese films and documentaries were screened in a day long free event. Those were Oscar nominated and Eric Valli directed ‘Caravan’, Bhusan Dahal directed ‘Kagbeni’, Neasa Ni Chianain directed ‘Fairy Tale of Kathmandu’, Mohan Mainali directed ‘Pune’s Trousers’ ‘ and Dipak Rauniyar directed ‘Threshold(Chaukath)’. University of Glasgow has generously provided theatre hall for the film festival.

The program has received huge applause from the participants. Dr. Arza Meadows (O.B.E.) reacted that the documentaries were informative to learn about Nepal and its social and cultural aspects. Keith Hammond, lecturer at University of Glasgow opined that the films were highly influential and needs more promotion. Janis Binnie, who had visited Nepal twice, said that these sort of programs will significantly contribute to promote tourism of Nepal.

Cathal O’ Searcaigh, a famous Irish poet and a character of ‘Fairy Tale of Kathmandu’ has also attended the program. Participating in a first public program about this documentary, he clarified that he has been wrongly potrayed as a ‘gay sex tourist’ and has disput with the director over this issue. He further said that the documentary is edited in a biased way and the matter would be clarify if the other Nepalese characters who were portrayed in the documentary were asked about it. He added that he has very good relationship with the people of Nepal.

London Chhalphal, Glasgow Nepalese Association and GRAMNET (University of Glasgow) were the associate organisers of the program for Glasgow. Dipesh Regmi, president of ONCW said that his organisation is strongly committed to introduce new programs and events that may help to promote Nepalese culture and promote tourism within a Scottish community.